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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptyFri May 22, 2009 8:00 pm

The main purpose of this forum is to build a strong community for gamers. Community camaraderie is expected from everyone.

In making an account:

@make sure that your main objective in joining the community is for active participation.
@do not imitate or copy others' account
@make sure that your password is fully secured. Do not show your password to anyone
@do not pretend that your account was hacked and being used by somebody else. In such a case, there will be a possibility that you can restore your account even though it's not yours
@inform the administrators or the super moderator if you encounter any error while making an account.

In order to discuss any topic you want, you will need to make thread. Thread contains the discussion of all the members. Without this, no discussion will undergo. You can make also a title for your thread for us to know the contents of it.

In making a thread, you should consider the following considerations:

@make sure you thread does not contain nudity or any obscenity
@do not duplicate any thread or make multiple threads of the same topic
@do not make any non-sense topic unless you are in the Chill Lounge
@if you make a thread, you are responsible for monitoring it. However, moderators will double check it
@do not make a thread that may result insult other people
@in making a thread for the purpose of asking a question or a series of questions, the title of your thread should begin with how, what, where, when, or why
@make a thread that will be helpful to the community

This is the moment that you will express your opinion to the world. Posting is an action where you speak out your reactions or replies in any of the topics. Everyone can read it and also, they can reply to what you had posted. Of course, anyone can post except for non-members. Like any other forum, there are lots of SPAM, so don't do that. Spams are the posts which has no sense and off-topic.

Feel free to post but read the following first:

@make sensible posts or replies
@please stick with the topic
@spamming is not allowed
@spamming at least 5 times will result to automatic banning of account
@we will give considerations for those people who didn't mean to spam. Investigations will be made.
@avoid 1on1 conversations within the thread
@do not insult other people on your post
@do not post any nude or obscene images
@do not post also sexual-related comments or reactions
@do not attach copyrighted images
@avoid promoting other websites, products, networks, and the likes
@promotion is allowed only for school-related activities, events, etc.
@posting using other members account will be deleted automatically
@avoid gossiping
@post helpful opinions
@respect others' opinions
@avoid flaming (flames = quarrel)

Any one who violates the above rules will dealt with accordingly. Accounts will be banned or suspended depending on the weight of the violation.
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Forum Rules
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