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 the Story [Game background]

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PostSubject: the Story [Game background]   the Story [Game background] EmptySat May 30, 2009 2:35 pm

the Story [Game background] Game-logo-ge

Granado Espada (GE) is a new highly-anticipated full 3D MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing game) from the creators of Ragnarok Online (RO). It will be the first English version of the game and will cater to the following countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, New Zealand and Brunei.Infocomm Asia Holdings Pte Ltd is the official licensee to operate Granado Espada (GE) in the above mentioned regions.

Granado Espada (GE) distinguishes itself from many modern-day MMORPGs with its Multiple Character Control (MCC) system. Rather than playing one character at a time, or using two clients to do so, a player may control a party of up to three characters in a single gaming session. This party play aspect of the game gives Granado Espada (GE) more of the feel of traditional, non-networked console and PC RPGs. The character order may be set within the Barracks at the beginning of the game, and any member of the party can be selected to lead the other characters or act alone at any time throughout the game. The other two characters can be commanded to follow or attend the lead character as the party moves through a given area.

Kingdoms of the Old World

Vespanola: The current high power in Orpesia. Vespanola controls the seas and the new continent. Effectively imposes a total blockade of Brestia. The upper class social structure is severely divided between wartime Nobles and the more traditional upper class.

the Story [Game background] Gr-gamebg-map

Illier: A home to great artists, and also once a great military power. The country is a source of trends and famous for their fashion, food, and swords. It houses the most famous sword smith of all time. Illier has been a major military player in nearly every Orpesian conflict due to its central position on the continent.

Targa: A warlike people, the Targans are renowned for their skill in making firearms. Geographically, Targa blocks the rest of Orpesia's access to resource-rich Katai. Traditionally Targans do not like Orpesians. They see Orpesians as weak.

This country is no longer an independent state. Its territories and holdings were annexed by Vespanola during the "Marriage of the Two Countries." Oporuto isthe homeland of Granado Espada's discoverer, Ferrucio Espada. The country overspent developing the new continent, and the following bankruptcy led to the Vespanolan acquisition. A traditionally poor country before the marriage, Oporutans are typically not used to having a great economy among the masses, but, like most Orpesian countries, maintain a rich upper class.

Brestia: The traditional #2 power in Orpesia. Brestia launched a surprise attack against Vespanola after the Marriage of the Two Countries. The attack resulted in the Three-Year War, and Brestia's ultimate defeat at the Baleares Naval Battle. Following the war Brestians faced a culling of high government and military officials from the Vespanolan government. Brestia was effectively cut off by the Vespanolan Navy, and its citizens currently live in a state of oppression and near starvation. Brestians have no love for Vespanola, and find themselves horribly oppressed in Vespanolan controlled zones.

Katai: A resource-rich country east of Orpesia.

A country south of Orpesia, known for its magical warriors. Absinians tend to be extremely proud of their country and their magical military heritage. They are warlike, confident and proud.
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the Story [Game background]
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