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 the Characters

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PostSubject: the Characters   the Characters EmptySat May 30, 2009 3:20 pm

Your family of characters can initially be created from 5 stock models: Fighter, Musketeer, Wizard, Scout, and Elementalist. As you progress through the game, you will be able to recruit other characters into your family, but the action initially focuses on these 5. Your characters' fighting abilities can be customized through learning and developing various fighting stances.

Kind of Character
Sample Picture [Male & Female] / Status Web =) [Courtesy of hs5]

They typically serve as the front line of attack for any party. They are able to take an excessive amount of damage due to their high HP and heavy armor proficiency. The most versatile class, fighters can learn stances to increase their attack or defense, and are even able to wield pistols by the middle game.
the Characters Char-figher / the Characters Char-figher-stat

They are a powerful ranged class able to deal extensive damage to grounded or flying enemies. Musketeers have the most powerful single attack in the game, but can be expensive to support as they need a large supply of bullets for long quests. Through stances they can carry rifles or pistols.
the Characters Char-musk / the Characters Char-musk-stat

They are a magical class able to use both offensive and defensive magic. Developing their stances can build them as buff specialists or powerful manipulators of physics. At higher levels the Wizard can use the "levitate" ability, making them immune to attack from grounded enemies.
the Characters Char-wiz / the Characters Char-wiz-stat

They are quick healers and battle assistants. Although able to wield small daggers, they are best used in a complimentary role to the main attackers. Scouts can resurrect, heal, and even set traps at higher levels. Scouts are extremely quick and able to quickly escape a battle field.
the Characters Char-scout / the Characters Char-scout-stat

They are purely offensive magic users. The Elementalist pulls their magic from powerful Bracelets of Fire, Ice and Lightning. At higher levels, the Elementalist can use two Bracelets at once, synergizing multiple elements for extremely powerful attacks. Elementalists need heavy protection due to their low defense and slow running speed.
the Characters Char-elem / the Characters Char-elem-stat

Leveling your characters

Because Granado Espada's MCC system allows you to quest with 3 characters at once, you can take on mobs 2-4 levels higher than your characters. This, along with questing, is the fastest way to level up. Characters gain experience from fighting monsters, or using EXP cards earned by completing quests. A character will not earn EXP sitting in the barracks, so be sure to rotate which characters you use to have the strongest family possible.

In conjunction with standard leveling, characters also gain exp points towards their stances.

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Posts : 120
Join date : 2009-05-22
Age : 29
Location : Antipolo

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PostSubject: Re: the Characters   the Characters EmptySat May 30, 2009 4:07 pm

Meet the RNPCs

Adelina Esperanza
the Characters Rpnc-adelina
A stiff-looking pirate girl. She is the Weapon seller of Coimbra and seems to miss her crew. Maybe you will learn more once she'll have joined you. She uses both sabers and pistols : great for boarding chased ships!

Andre Janzur
the Characters Rpnc-andre
The most famous taylor of Granado Espada. He makes wonderful clothes and is admired by many people around the continent. He's also an excellent swashbuckler, using rapiers and sometimes parying daggers with great skills.

Brunie Etienne
the Characters Rpnc-brunie
Brunie Etienne is a pistols specialist. She's specialized into quickness, and can achieve incredible attack speed. Though, her low constitution and the fact she can only use Coats make her vulnerable.

Claude Baudez
the Characters Rpnc-claude
Claude Baudez, weapon seller and blacksmith at Reboldoeux is one tough guy! Big muscles, big beard and big belly, he's really appreciated for his abilities with powerful weapons such as spears and pole arms.

Idge Imbrulia
the Characters Rpnc-idge
The armor crafter of Reboldoeux. She want's to make the best armors ever, so, many "Idge's Prototypes" can be found. But don't misunderstand, she's not only a very good blacksmith : holding big hammers all day long trained her and now she can wield huge swords to defeat all those who get in her way.

Najib Sharif
the Characters Rpnc-najib
Najib Sharif is gun retailer at Reboldoeux. He travels a lot and is very interested into all kind of treasure. You'll meet him really soon and keep regular contacts with that man during your first days on Vespanolan territory. His ability to use both rifles and sabers can make him deadly at any range.

Jack the Miner
the Characters Rpnc-jack
This miner in charge of Stone Pit has been preoccupied by the numerous monsters infesting the quarry. Good compromise between builder and lancer, It's an interesting character easily available.

Diego / Yeganeh
the Characters Rpnc-yeganeh
Yeganeh made many mistakes and his crimes ruined many lives. Though, he'd like to make amend, and tries to help people. Very close to Jack type of character, Yeganeh has a different building stance, and can also use swords. (His name is different depending on game location : Yeganeh or Diego)

Panfilo de Narvaez
the Characters Rpnc-panfilo
Panfilo is a cook recently installed in Reboldoeux. He says that the new continent provides many unknown ingredients, allowing him to create new tasty dishes. He can fight using swords, sabers or even a combination of blade skills and fire magic, making him a funny character to use.

Coimbra Trooper
the Characters Rpnc-coimbratrooper
The Coimbra Troopers are the guardians of the Port of Coimbra. They are often seen with spears, but can also carry swords and shields. A common fighter class.

Lisa Lynway
the Characters Rpnc-lisa
Lisa Lynway is the barmaid at Coimbra's Cafe! She's a fast characters who uses daggers to get rid of her ennemies! She also sells chocolate!!!

Emilia Giannino
the Characters Rpnc-emilia
Emilia Giannino, commercial at Coimbra, has some good abilities with magic. She can heal your team, like a scout, protect it, or attack ennemies using magic rods.

Grace Bernelli
the Characters Rpnc-bernelli
The Guns seller of Coimbra is an impressive woman with high abilities using firing arms. She can use shotguns and has a better dexterity than common musketeers, but is less resistant...

the Characters Rpnc-mboma
M'Boma is the magic item sellers of Coimbra. His origins are pretty different from other colonists. He has mastered both psychic wizardry and elemental magics, and has great resistance.

the Characters Rpnc-soho
This fisherman of Coimbra mastered various skills : strenghtening equipment, using daggers, healing... He's a multiple usage character. Stronger with dagger than a scout, his Healing power is weaker, though.

Lorch Furuholden
the Characters Rpnc-lorch
Lorch is the gun seller of Auch City. All girls are mad about him (and even some guys), and he knows it. Still, he's specialised in shotguns and have unique stance, mixing Shotgun stance and Install Trap stance.

the Characters Rpnc-tiburon
Tiburon is a boy of Auch. With his "crew", Ramiro and Isabella, they do every silly thing possible. He's even a thief. Still, he can fight despite his smallness. He use Swords as Great Swords, and Mains Gauches as Swords.

the Characters Rpnc-viki
A boy who lives in El Tejado Verde with his grandfather. A good-natured and amiable child who possesses summoning abilities. Having lived in the countryside for a long time, his perspective of the real world is naive.

the Characters Rpnc-karjalainen
Magic Tool Seller of the City of Auch

Angie McKenzie
the Characters Rpnc-angie
A daughter of a wealthy Brestian family, Angie is a bubbly and lively character. A typical tomboy who takes an interest in martial arts and enjoys rowdy bouts with the boys. She dreams of exploring the New World from the frequent mail exchanges with her Uncle Jack. Against her parents' wishes to travel to the New World, she left home on a journey to a new continent.

Kurt Lyndon
the Characters Rpnc-kurtlyndon
A tactical war genius adopted by Sir Lyndon of Reboldeoux. Sir Lyndon began to feel threatened by his abilities so he planned to assassinate Kurt. The assassination failed and Kurt fled to Los Toldos where he is now the leader of the Barons.

Edward Jameson
the Characters Rpnc-edward
An immigrant from Brestia, and 2nd Lieutenant from the Brestia Special Army. Older brother of Gavin, fiance of Selva. Word has it that he was slain by Montoro, when in fact Kurt Linden saved him in the previous war. Although he was saved, a huge portion of his memory was lost due to brutal experimentation by Montoro. All he remembers is that he has a younger brother and a fiance. He wants to find the Regency in order to regain his memory.

Gavin Jameson
the Characters Rpnc-gavin
Just like his older brother Eduardo, Gavin hails from Brestia, and was also a 2nd Lieutenant from the Brestia Special Army. Thinking Eduardo was murdered by Montoro, he swore to avenge his brother by travelling to the New World in search of Montoro. With the Brestia Special Army decimated by Montoro's cruel experimenting, he rose an army of undead soldiers in Prison de Joaquin to do his bidding.

Feng Ling
the Characters Rpnc-fengling
The country of Dang was established by royal families who originated from Asia. Dang soon flourished into a prosperous land with a lucrative trade economy. This however, made Dang a potential target for war. Vespanola in particular began an invasion of Dang. Although Dang's army was larger than Vespanola's, Dang lost the war. It was rumored that the surprising loss was a result of Vespanolan royalty using Otite to manufacture poison and releasing it on Dang's citizens. Feng Ling, the daughter of the Chief of the Royal Guards. A trained professional in Dang's martial arts, her sprightly appearance belies her personality. She is an introvert, and one who does not express her emotions willingly. Feng Ling is commissioned to investigate the controversy surrounding Otite in the New World, as well as gather information about the new continent.

the Characters Rpnc-irawan
The Muay Thai Fighter

Vicente Rio
the Characters Rpnc-vicenterio
It was once said this mysterious enchanter of Auch could slay the fiercest demons with the soothing melodies from his lute. Tired of the chaos plaguing Granado Espada, Vincente now wants to put this old daying to the test.

Bai Hu
the Characters Rpnc-baekho
The White Tiger, Many martial artists have arrived on in the new continent recently to train with the fabled Five Bibles of Martial Arts. Looking to prove his mettle, the coccky newcomer known as Bai Hu has challenged every martial artist in the new continent.

the Characters Rpnc-gracielo

Auch Infantry
the Characters Rpnc-auchinfantry

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PostSubject: Re: the Characters   the Characters EmptyTue Jun 16, 2009 8:47 pm

im a player of this Game..

can i post some suggestion
or quest guide..
to help those players who plays also this game?
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PostSubject: Re: the Characters   the Characters EmptySun Jun 21, 2009 9:45 pm


of course, you can..
i really love teh graphics of this game^^
Smile niceĀ²

the Characters Summer09widget
-i'm longing for summer-
the Characters Somtlogo-09
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PostSubject: Re: the Characters   the Characters Empty

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the Characters
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