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 Resident Evil I

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PostSubject: Resident Evil I   Resident Evil I EmptySat Jun 20, 2009 11:31 pm

Resident Evil I

Resident Evil, known in Japan as Biohazard (バイオハザード, Baiohazādo?), is a survival horror video game by Capcom. The inaugural title and first installment in the Resident Evil series, it was originally released in 1996 for the PlayStation and has subsequently been ported to the Sega Saturn and IBM compatible PC.

In 2002, a remake of the game was released for the Nintendo GameCube featuring new graphics, voice acting and many significant gameplay changes. A Nintendo DS port of the original was released in early 2006 as Resident Evil: Deadly Silence.

It was one of the first games to be dubbed a "survival horror", borrowing from the "ambient survival horror" genre coined by Alone in the Dark.Accordingly, Game Informer refers to "the original Resident Evil" as "one of the most important games of all time".The inspiration for Resident Evil was the earlier Capcom game Sweet Home. Shinji Mikami was initially commissioned to make a horror game set in a haunted mansion like Sweet Home.

Resident Evil I Resident_Evil_1_cover_art


The original game opens on the evening of July 24, 1998 in the fictional Raccoon City, a Midwestern town, where a number of grisly murders have taken place on the outskirts of town. Victims were attacked in their homes, and apparently eaten, by a group of assailants. Local law enforcement sends in the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (STARS) Bravo team. After contact is lost, Alpha team is sent to find Bravo team and continue the investigation. Alpha team locates Bravo team's helicopter, but there are no signs of survivors; only a severed hand is found. While searching the area for further clues, Alpha team is attacked by ferocious dogs, one of which kills one of the team's members, Joseph Frost. Alpha's helicopter pilot, Brad Vickers, takes off and abandons the team. Pursued by the dogs who killed their colleague, Alpha team is forced to seek refuge within a nearby mansion, believed to be abandoned.

With the dogs roaming outside, the four remaining Alpha team members (Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield, Barry Burton and Jill Valentine) are trapped within. A gun shot rings out, and the player character moves to investigate. At this point, the player takes control of the character and begins to explore the mansion. One of the first discoveries is a member of Bravo team, Kenneth J. Sullivan, being eaten by a zombie. The character eventually finds the mansion to be riddled with puzzles, traps, and horrors. Scattered documents and files suggest that a series of illegal experiments were being undertaken on the property by a clandestine research team, under the authority and supervision of the Umbrella Corporation, a pharmaceutical conglomerate. The creatures roaming the mansion and surrounding region are the results of these experiments, which have exposed the mansion's personnel and various animals and insects to a highly contagious and mutagenic biological agent known as the T-Virus (hence the Japanese title, Biohazard).

After navigating a series of tunnels, passageways and buildings, the player discovers a secret underground laboratory containing the Umbrella Corporation's experiments. In the lab, Wesker reveals that he is a double agent working for Umbrella and releases the Tyrant T-002, a giant humanoid monster created through prolonged exposure to the T-Virus. Upon release, the Tyrant turns toward Wesker and impales him. The player then apparently kills the Tyrant and a self-destruct system is triggered. After the player calls for a rescue helicopter, the Tyrant bursts through the roof of the lab onto the helicopter pad and attacks. Vickers drops a rocket launcher and the player uses it on the Tyrant. The player escapes in the helicopter and the game ends as the mansion explodes.

The ending varies depending on choices made by the player. The ending plays out as described above in Chris and Jill's endings if the player saves only one or neither of their teammates.

In-Game Pictures!

Resident Evil I RE1_screen

Resident Evil I REmake_screen

Resident Evil I Resi1psx_005-large
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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil I   Resident Evil I EmptyThu Jul 09, 2009 12:53 am

Wow! resident evil remake to..pero not available on Playstation eh..ung resident evil 1 sa PS1 but ung remake sa game cube Smile
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Resident Evil I
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