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 Forum Offenses

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PostSubject: Forum Offenses   Forum Offenses EmptyThu Jun 25, 2009 6:59 pm

Violate any of these and you surely will regret it.

Level 1 Offenses:

1. Off-topic posts - intentional posting of replies that are not related to the topic of a thread.

2. Posting in All Caps - in the cyberverse, posting in all caps means shouting, and this can lead to flaming.

3. Excessive Exclamation Points - posts containing "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" also could mean shouting and thus lead to flaming.

Level 2 Offenses:

1. Flooding - a single user intentionally posting at least THREE consecutive times, whether with the same content or not. In case of PC lag or error, kindly edit your post.

2. Signature Size Violation - to keep the forum bandwidth low, kindly limit your signature within these dimensions:
400x200px (for full text and image+text) with a 100kb filesize limit. This is also in consideration of forum members who are using a slow internet connection.

3. Posting of Excessive Images, Videos, and Files - in relation with signature size, post a link instead for videos and thumbnails for images.

4. Spamming - nonsense posts go to the Hang Out section. Such posts anywhere else in the forum constitutes spamming. Useless posts do not help anyone.

Level 3 Offenses:

1. Public Questioning of Administrators/Moderators' Decisions - complaints regarding changes in the forum should be addressed to the Administrator or Moderator responsible via Private Message.

2. Vulgar Posts - aggravating others will not be tolerated.

3. Obscene Posts - any post containing nudity or obscene language can be offensive, especially to minors.

4. Inappropriate Username or Account - inclusion of offensive words is not allowed.

Level 4 Offenses:

1. Flaming - arguments should always be in line with intellectual discussions. Any form of baseless antagonism, harassment, and defamation will lead to disruption of the community.

2. Impersonation of Forum Administrators, Moderators or other forum member - creating such an account for whatever reason is highly discouraged.

3. Trolls - creation of multiple accounts for the purpose of flaming is not allowed. Not only will the troll account be permanently banned but the main account as well.

4. Misinformation - always include verifiable and reliable sources.

Level 5 Offenses:

1. Threats to any Forum Administrator, Moderator or Member - anything of this sort does not help anyone.

2. Posting or Advocating Cheats, Hacks, Third Party Programs, Illegal trading - this forum values fair gaming. Whatever your reason may be, we will not be bent to allow such illegalities.

3. Advertising Other Forums or Communities - treat this forum as our home and every member as family. Would you like your family members to stay somewhere else? I don't think so.

4. Plagiarism - in making game guides or posting images, please indicate your source. Non-inclusion of source would imply that it is a personally made guide or image and this constitutes stealing.

Any violation will be given a warning via Private Message, thus allowing the user to edit his post/signature (as the case may be). If after seven days and no change has been made, the penalty for the offense will be implemented.


Level 1: warning via private message and removal of post/topic
Level 2: removal of post and 7-Day Suspension of account
Level 3: removal of post and 14-Day Suspension of account
Level 4: removal of post and 30-Day Suspension of account
Level 5: permanent account ban

If a user repeats an offense for more than three times even after penalties have been made, his account will be permanently banned.

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Advance Moderator
Advance Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: Forum Offenses   Forum Offenses EmptyFri Jun 26, 2009 9:49 pm

Dear SoulStrife,

Nice job! Keep up the good work!

More Power
-Aztec Team
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Forum Offenses
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